My computer history goes back as far as a Mac with disks that would hold only kilobytes, then times moved on to the floppy and then the zip disc and last the DVD. Now you have computers that come without a DVD drive and only a hard drive everything else is USB or flash memory.

I worked for Dell on Call for 3 years with my buddy Nick and there we had to sit and give commands to users that would call up for tech support. At times you had customers that were irate, calm, senior citizens or sometimes even teenagers call in for support. From email, hardware, software to basic computer instructions you would have an expected time frame and sometimes things would not go as planned and an issue could drag out 2+ hours. In the end we gained an inside out view of Microsoft Windows and software support issues on top of the hardware knowledge we already had in building computers.

Ultimately through the years we have gained a deep knowledge of computers, and with that knowledge taking on the security system trade was very basic for us not to mention the ability to program custom touch screen remotes for home theater systems.

Give us a call or email and we look forward to meeting you and taking care of all your technical home or office needs.

Home Theater

I began working in the Home Theater field in 1998 when I joined with Circuit City in Falls Church, VA. After a number of years I wanted something more than just providing a "good price", that is when I moved on to Myer-emco -which is a high-end home theater store in the D.C metro area. At Myer Emco an HT professional would listen to a customers needs and based on that he would provide them with a custom tailored system for their home or office. The final result was a completely happy customer and an enhanced reputation for the company, not to mention a larger customer base. Systems could range anywhere from 500$ to 500,000$ easily. Once again systems were not based on the customers pocket book but based on the their needs.

Regardless, working with our team you have the advantage compared to bigger companies like best buy. We have the ability to come to you and provide you with a solution that is backed up by many years of experience and work in the field. With highly experienced and licensed contractors(tidewaterhomerepair.com) doing the wiring , and 757computers.com installing the actual system you have a seamless, effortless, and hassle-free system brought to you and installed correctly by certified professionals.

Randy Zandi (employee/co-owner)

Nick Lalim (employee/co-owner)